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SBJ Unpacks: Working from home with Maestroe Sports and Entertainment’s Gabby Roe

Maestroe Sports & Entertainment President Gabby Roe had never been a big fan of working remotely, but the past few months have definitely changed his mind. “We’ve been trusting technology — Zoom and Slack in particular have been really, really well-utilized to keep our communication going internally, as well as with all of our clients,” he said. “I can very deeply say that we’re more efficient now than we were when we were all commuting into an office together.”

The Pennsylvania-based agency, just outside Philadelphia, primarily works with what Roe termed high-growth and emerging sports properties — think cornhole, break dancing, ultimate frisbee, curling or axe throwing. “Most of them are not in the ticket sales economy as part of the lifeblood of their organization,” he said. “Most of them are in the televised sports and sponsorship economy. So, thankfully sports, whether they were repeats or live shows, were still happening.” He pointed to the American Cornhole League gaining popularity on ESPN and repurposed American Ultimate Disc League footage getting exposure on Fox Sports.

With the landscape for the rest of this year still largely unknown, Maestroe is shifting most of its focus to 2021, and Roe isn’t worried about when large crowds will be the norm again. “That’s not part of the business model,” he said. “So, as long as we are able to deliver really good digital and television content and package our partners and sponsors into it, the athletes can play and the sport can be watched by fans. The on-site audience isn’t really a major factor for almost all of our sports properties.”

Roe, a former SBJ “Forty Under 40” honoree, goes for a run most mornings between 6:00-7:00am and spends most of his workday on video calls from his second-floor guest suite. His three children — two in college and one in high school — are pretty self-sufficient these days, he said, so they don’t need much help from Roe and his wife when it comes to schooling. Roe has been rooting hard for the Union in the MLS Is Back Tournament and has been playing golf whenever he gets the chance. “I’ve played more recently, just because its outside, you can do it,” he said. “I’m not good at golf but I enjoy playing it.”